KYI EYILIWO what means 'what's up' is a (simple) greeting in Luganda.

My name is Ronald Senkayi (Ronnie), 28 years old and i'm a Ugandan. 6 years ago I started a business on the boda boda (a boda boda is a motorcycle which people use for transport in Uganda to avoid the busy traffic in Kampala. Its really quick to use a motorcycle). I brought people everywhere in Kampala. I like it to drive a boda boda because it gives me a feeling of freedom.

After a while I started a business which called 'kampala city boda boda tours', It's a tour through Kampala on a boda boda and it brings you to the high lights of Kampala. 

After, 3 years ago,  I saved enough money to start up my own safari company.

I really like it to work with the tourists to show them the country so that's why I decided to start FOX ADVENTURES. In 3 years my company has grown and I am proud of it!