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'if i ever seen has been in Uganda'

We are Fox Adventures Uganda, a safari company founded out of a passion for the people, extraordinary landscape and wildlife of Uganda.

Our company arrange a variety of tours and we can of course costumise the experience to fit the costumers interests. This means a combination of cultural experiences together with a wildlife tours, hiking tours and of course special ocation tours like an escape to celebrate your honeymoon, Volunteering trips, tourism internships, social work internships. We take care of everything from the pick up and drop of at the airport to the booking of the costumers hotels.


Every safari we plan is completely customized to you and your needs. Our goal is to ensure your experience the wonders of Uganda, how you want it, when you want it and where you want it!
From the moment you land in the country to the moment you’re boarding your return flight home, we’ll walk together with you showing you the best of Ugandan natural heritage. All our Uganda safari trips are unique and are tailored according to your needs.

We welcome you to experience the Ugandan wonders with Fox Adventures Uganda. We’re ready for you. Are you ready for Uganda?

Browse through our  safari deals and itineraries to begin this journey! 

Planning a tour of the beautiful plains of Uganda can be quite the task.  From working out the logistics to dealing with more trivial issues, you may be left feeling a little overwhelmed.  This is where Fox Adventures Uganda steps in.

 On that moment you make your booking (which can be done via webcam) we get to work creating a travel experience that gives you the best value.  Fox Adventures Uganda is uniquely committed to our guests’ safari experience, and we are unwilling to cut corners to achieve anything but the best experience possible. 

Our team will pour over the tiniest details to make sure your time in the pearl of Africa is not that easily topped.  You are assigned a dedicated tour guide to ensure your carefully customized African Safari experience is exactly as you pictured it - and better!

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